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Fogsis Air Conditioning
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Fog systems, which have a wide range of uses under many purposes, offer special advantages within the new generation understanding with today's technological structure. High pressure fogging system, which has a different working principle, is evaluated in countless places from industrial areas to factory areas and greenhouses in different sectors.  It is preferred because it provides energy saving, low cost and high efficiency. It also provides a long-lasting structure; It maintains the same cooling balance for 24 hours with its quality design. This gives the opportunity to ensure product output, especially through higher performance in different production areas.  High pressure fogging system types are used in many areas with special design and scaling. With its different features and privileges, it is assembled with the production in accordance with the size of the area, production purpose and requests. Thus, it provides a chance to be used jointly in all kinds of sectors. Mist system, also known as high pressure fog systems, is widely evaluated all over the world. Especially, it provides lower cost and higher efficiency in every sector. It offers the chance to achieve an equal balance for any production area that requires humidification and cooling. Providing a long-lasting structure and easy evaluation with plug-and-play system also puts the product among the reasons for preference.

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